The top 10 most popular cat breeds


10 June 2022
Let’s face it – we all love cats! In all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Here, we take a look at the top 10 most popular breeds of cat, as decided by you.

Independent, partial to a long snooze, and loved across the world, cats are the backbone of our lives. Once you’ve been in the company of a cat, it’s hard to ever look back, and why would you want to?!

As we know, each breed of cat is completely unique, and every feline friend can come with their very own personality, so it’s important to do your research first, as bringing a cat into your life is a huge commitment.

1. Maine Coon

Pictured above.

With their sweet temperament, bushy tails and longhaired shaggy coats, Maine Coon cats are one of the most recognisable and popular domesticated cat breeds, ranking third most popular in both CFA and GCCF registrations.

They have a medium length head with fairly full cheeks and high cheekbones; the muzzle should be square and the chin firm. In profile, they have a shallow concave curve at the bridge of the nose. The ears are a great feature, being large, tall, and wide at the base, set high and usually with long tufts at the tips.

They have a personality to match their size. They are high energy and, because of their large size, need plenty of room to play and work off their natural hunting instinct. An assortment of toys and a very strong climbing frame that will support their weight and enable them to access high places will be appreciated.

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2. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are stunning to look at, and known for their wonderful temperaments. It is the second most popular breed registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and ranks even higher with owners!

For many, they have it all: big blue eyes, a sweet face, silky coat and heart-melting soul. In return for their loyalty, the only thing they ask is to be part of your world. They love to be around people and with their unique 'smiley' expression they are so easy to be with. The more love and attention you give to a Raggie, as they are affectionately known, the more love and attention you get back.

Underneath the semi-longhaired coats and distinctive markings, there's a cat of substance with a muscular body. Large and playful they may be, but they are well-known for their easy going, 'that's life' attitude. For this reason they are usually kept as indoor cats and not let out unless under strict supervision. They may be many things, but they're not street savvy!

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3. Persian

The Persian cat is the ultimate glamour puss and one of the most popular pedigree cat breeds in the UK. They are noted for their sweet, gentle temperament and fits in well with most households, making excellent family pets. 

They are tolerant of each other and most other cats and dogs, but may find the more boisterous nature of foreign breeds a bit too much to cope with. They like routine and a calm atmosphere, and won’t be found leaping on to high places, although they are playful and enjoy interaction with their human family. 

Affectionate and tactile, they enjoy being gently handled and to sit on your lap or beside you. They have quiet voices, but know how to get your attention, usually by gazing at you with their large, lustrous eyes.

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4. Bengal

Although now considered a domestic breed, the Bengal was originally a hybrid, created in the early 1960s by Jean Mill (the founder of the breed) in the United States by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat, Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis, with a domestic cat. The small and very beautiful Leopard Cat is similar in size to a domestic cat and is widely distributed throughout Asia. It is not an endangered species.

The Bengal is a cat with personality plus! It is confident, active, curious, athletic, and energetic. It goes without saying that, given its background, it will need to be kept engaged and amused with toys and cat activity centres, including boxes, tunnels, and high-level shelves. Bengals also seem to like using cat exercise wheels (unlike some more lazy breeds).

It is not wise to let Bengals go out and roam free, but they can be trained to walk on a harness. It’s also widely reported that Bengals enjoy playing with water, not even seeming to mind if they get wet. They are very sociable and enjoy the company of their human family, and get on well with children and cat-friendly dogs. They are very vocal and can be quite strident, but this shouldn’t be confused with aggression.

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5. Siberian

Formerly known as the Siberian Forest Cat, Siberians are cheerful, charismatic and cuddly cats who bring so much love to their homes.

They are described by breeders and owners as being dog-like in their personalities, as they are incredibly loyal to their owners and run to greet you when you come home. They also like to get into in whatever happens to be going on in the house at the time, whether it's reading the paper with you (by draping themselves across it!) or 'helping' you with your household chores.

Siberians are happy being kept as either indoor or outdoor cats, but indoor-only cats will need lots of toys and stimulation to keep them happy.

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6. Chinchilla

The Chinchilla, a breed from the Persian cat breed family, is a strikingly beautiful cat with green eyes that seem to be kohl-rimmed, giving them a slightly surprised look. The thick silvery-white fur makes him immediately recognisable as the feline companion of James Bond baddie Blofeld, who would curl up in his master's lap while world domination was being planned!

As well as being very attractive cats, Chinchillas are described by breeders as being very people-orientated; they will seek your attention and enjoy playing with toys. While they love plenty of fuss, they tend to prefer to jump into your lap and come for cuddles when it suits them.

They are said to get on well with other cats and friendly dogs - and, while they do like to be top cat, they can find the livelier foreign cat breeds a bit overwhelming.

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7. Russian Blue

You could think of the Russian Blue as a dapper gentleman of a cat - they are known for their quiet voices and gentle natures, while possessing a lot of intelligence, and their serene faces give them the air of one deep in thought. It's these very qualities which breeders agree make them a good choice for families or elderly owners - or pretty much anyone!

Intelligent and gentle, the Russian is an affectionate but undemanding companion. They are usually devoted to their owners and this makes them especially suitable for older people or those living alone. They are quietly vocal and happy to be with their human companions, tolerant of children and other family pets. For those who are at work during the day, your Russian will stay contentedly at home, and be happy to greet you and spend time with you when you arrive back. 

Russian Blues have featured in literature and films. The 2001 Warner Brothers film ‘Cats & Dogs’ depicts the relationship between the two species in which both sides use tactics akin to those used in human espionage. It features a Russian Blue, playing a baddy.

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8. Devon Rex

Cheeky and charming, the Devon Rex loves to be part of the family. Although not a large breed, the Devon Rex has a huge personality. They are extremely playful, active, and fun loving — they will keep you amused with their antics. They are inquisitive and interested in everything around them, so can get into mischief, especially if left alone for long periods when they can get bored. 

A word of caution, they are greedy and inclined to pinch food if they can, even off your dinner plate — they are so quick and clever that a piece of chicken will disappear before you can say knife! They are powerful jumpers so will easily access the top of kitchen cupboards or doors.

Devons are intelligent and can learn tricks and enjoy games with their human or feline companions. Very people orientated, they enjoy being part of the human family and like being on a lap or cuddled under your duvet at night. They thrive in an active household with plenty of company — they’re great with children and happy to share their home with other family pets.

Be aware that mischievousness is all part of the Devon charm! 

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9. Sokoke

Meet one of the rarest breeds of domestic cat in the world.

Despite the Sokoke’s elusive presence in the feline fancy, animal lovers can’t get enough of these playful, intelligent, and family-orientated cats.

One of the rarest breeds in the UK (there are currently less than 30 registered with the GCCF), Sokokes are winning over breeders and owners alike with their stunning good looks and gregarious personalities.

They adapt very easily into family homes and, once they’ve found their feet, will be the first to greet visitors to the door.

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10. Sphynx

'The Sphynx is possibly one of the most affectionate, sociable and intelligent cats in the world,' shouts the Sphynx Cat Club's website. That's quite a claim but one that seems to be echoed by anyone who gives a home to these soft downcovered cats.

Yes, that's right, despite appearances they're not completely naked and their skin has the texture of a peach - Sphynx should not be described as bald! They're warm to the touch too! It really is difficult to judge or appreciate Sphynx just from photographs. What wins people over, beyond the appeal of the unusual, is their larger-than-life characters.

They adore human attention and enjoy cuddles and games. Sphynx are very affectionate cats with big personalities, and they are playful well into adulthood. They've even been described as 'part monkey, part dog, part child, part cat'. Those who own and breed Sphynx can't praise them highly enough. They are totally in love with the cats' looks and personality.

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