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Top tips to keep your cat safe and warm in winter

27 October 2015

October is drawing to a close (how did that happen?!) and winter is very much on the horizon.As this chilly season approaches, it's time to start thinking about getting the woolly jumpers, rain coats and big boots out. While that's fine for us, pets don't have the luxury of…

Fireworks don't just affect our pets!

01 October 2015

Recent research on firework fears and noise sensitivities has revealed that it's not just our pets that these big bangs affect - but that over 80 per cent of owners worry about their pet so much during fireworks season that they do not leave their house as frequently.?The…

Are you in tune with your cat?

30 September 2015

According to a new study, the majority of cat owners are not in tune with their feline friends - mistaking signs of fury for fondness.?The survey, which was put together by Cats Protection, has revealed that 45 per cent of owners with two or more cats are?confusing signs of their…

Ticked off? How to safely remove ticks

26 August 2015

Have you ever found a tick on your cat? Take a look at Cats Protection's tips above for safely removing a tick - and always visit your vet if you're not too sure what to do.?

How to keep your cat calm in a thunderstorm

13 August 2015

Many pets become anxious and frightened of thunderstorms. The bangs and flashes outside must be very scary and strange to them, but there are some things you can do to help them to cope....

Protect your pet from summer ticks

03 July 2015

We are currently in the prime season for tick bites - between May and August - and these bites can cause serious problems for cats and dogs.?Heath Veterinary Clinics, in Burgess Hill and Hurstpierpoint, are offering advice on how to deal with these pesky passengers.