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Rescue cat steals nation’s heart and wins award
We meet Cookie, the OAP kitty that took the winner’s crown at the Cats Protection’s Alternative Cat Awards.
Ten ways to improve the life of cats
Kindness makes the world a better place — here we look at how we can help improve the lives of felines.
How to show your cat you love them
Love is in the air in February. Showing love to your other half is easy but what about your cats? How can we show them…
Cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey tells us all about her new book
We chat to the behaviourist and Your Cat expert about the release of her new book and caring for cats.
Meet the hero cats who changed their owner’s lives
A hero doesn’t always have to be brave, courageous, or undertake daring acts. Sometimes a hero can be a quiet, calm…
My cats inspired me to start my own business
The founder of Sophisticated Scratch tells her story of creating these unique scratch posts and how it became her…