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Persistent garden visitor changes owners' perception of cats forever
We speak to owner Jenny Richardson who, after disliking cats for many years, had her opinion changed by a friendly black…
Rescue cat becomes autistic six-year-old girl's best friend
Living with autism has real challenges for six-year-old Marnie, but the arrival of a feline friend has made the world of…
Product review: Scrumbles cat food
An impressively small kibble that surprisingly smells like fresh roast chicken, with no unpleasantries at all. The…
Bake Off Star invites amateur bakers to enter a cat-inspired competition
Bake Off Star Kim-Joy is judging a summer baking competition to help unwanted cats.
Tips for keeping pets cool and comfortable in hot weather
Animal charity, RSPCA, has shared its tips and tricks to make sure our pets are safe during this week’s heatwave.
The Your Cat shopping guide to cat food
Feeding your pet is a top priority for you — and your cat! We showcase some of the great cat foods on the market.