How to quickly find your lost cat or kitten


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03 April 2023
When your cat goes missing, it can be a very stressful time. Not only are you distressed that you cannot find your cat but your cat may also be worried that they cannot find you.  All of your focus quickly shifts towards finding them and reuniting him or her back with the family.

According to research by Sainsbury’s Bank, around 60 cats or dogs go missing in the UK every hour. Sadly many missing cats are never returned so the fear of losing their beloved pet haunts many cat parents. Whilst microchipping is very important, it only works if the cat is found and taken to a vet to be scanned. So when sitting and waiting is not an option, what’s the alternative? How can you proactively find your cat when it goes missing?

Whether it’s concern for those first tentative days of letting your kitten out, or peace of mind as they get older, cat locators and trackers have grown in popularity and provide the main proactive means of finding your cat even if they’re stuck somewhere.

Having sold both types, Tabcat using Radio Frequency (RF) technology and GPS trackers we’ve summarised why we believe Tabcat is the better of the two technologies for finding cats or kittens. You can read the full article here.


GPS devices are very good at tracking larger items and animals indeed perfect for dogs. However, when it comes to cats and the specific requirements they need – small, light tags, ability to accurately pinpoint their location indoors or out and long battery life, we’ve found Tabcat the better of the two types of product.

It’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can test at home for yourself and with no monthly subscription, just a one off cost that will last for years it works out a lot more affordable.


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