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Bailey reaches the top of the tree for most festive cat name
To mark National Cat Lovers month, new data from circa 200,000 pet owners, reveals Bailey is the most popular festive…
Christmas Tinsel
It’s a magical time of year — isn’t it? A short story by Lynne Hackles.
5 Ways to Stop Destructive Chewing in Cats Without Losing Your Mind
You’ve tried everything to keep your cat from chewing. But nothing seems to work. Read on to learn more about dealing…
New title: Explore! Pets & Animals
A fun-filled annual, exploding with cute pet and animal photos, amazing facts and pet advice, has been added to the Your…
Your Cat Good Causes helps pay for new rescue centre's rehoming licence
Your Cat Good Causes has donated to help a new charity be legally able to rehome cats on Shetland.
Arthritis in Cats - What You Need To Know
We explain how to recognise and how best to treat your cat when showing signs of arthritis.