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Wales to become the first all-scanning nation in the world

29 November 2018

A campaign by Cats Matter has received the positive outcome that councils in Wales have agreed to scan all pets found by its workers.

Creative ideas for alternative Christmas decorations

29 November 2018

We've probably all seen the bizarre new half Christmas tree Argos is selling - what do you think, would it stop your cat climbing it? Here's some other top tips and ideas on how you can forgo the Christmas tree, and turn your home into a feline-friendly festive delight...

Maine Coon is saved by vets after swallowing sewing thread

28 November 2018

A crafty cat with a craving for sewing thread has cottoned on that eating it is bad for you, after being rescued from the brink of death by vets.

Black Friday offers!

23 November 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for your cat-loving friend? Maybe you'd just like to treat yourself, or your cat? Take a look at these fantastic Black Friday offers - just in time for Christmas!

Trailer for new 'The Lion King' has been released

23 November 2018

The trailer for the new live action adaptation of the 1994 classic 'The Lion King' has been released, and if you're a fan of cute lion cubs and all things Disney - you're in for a real treat!

10 Christmas jumpers for cat lovers!

22 November 2018

Have you started looking for your Christmas Day (or the whole of December) jumper yet? From stylish sequins, to eccentric patterns, here's 10 of the best, and worst, cat-themed Christmas jumpers...