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Endearing Cat Movie ‘Cats of Malta’ Streaming in the UK now!
Look out cat-movie enthusiasts and cat-people alike, Cats of Malta is the latest cat-centric film to hit the scene.
What to do if you find a stray cat
Plus the £5,000 mistake to avoid!
10 Spooky Cat Myths & Tales
With Halloween lurking just around the corner, we dig up some spooky myths and legends relating to our four-legged…
Can cats be vegan?
Cats may be carnivores, but a new study led by an academic from the University of Winchester suggests that our feline…
Professor Ginger finally finds a place to call home!
A one-of-a-kind cat called Professor Ginger has found a place to call home after spending almost 6 months in the care of…
Giving hope to feral cats
Your Cat donates to Willowsway Cat rescue to help fund the neutering of a feral colony.