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Most Caring Cat Arthur proves cats can create real happiness

07 November 2018

For a long time, Emily Hatton found everyday life difficult to navigate, but, thanks to black and white moggy Arthur, she’s finding her way.

Calling all budding novelists!

05 November 2018

Budding novelists are being invited to enter a national writing competition with a feline twist.

7 ways you can help reduce your cat’s stress and keep him safe during fireworks season

01 November 2018

With fireworks season almost upon us, behaviourist Nicky Trevorrow says owners must recognise when their cats are getting stressed. Here she shares her Bonfire Night top tips.

Top 10 Supreme Cat Show pens

30 October 2018

Last weekend we visited the Supreme Cat Show, and with this year's theme of musicals, cat owners went all out with decorating their pens. Here's 10 of our favourites...

What shade of black is your cat?

24 October 2018

In celebration of this year’s National Black Cat Day, cat owners are being asked to share their pet’s unique coat colour using the hashtag #50ShadesOfBlackCat

13 reasons black cats are bad luck

24 October 2018

As it's National Black Cat Day (October 27, 2018) we thought we'd take a look at some of the reasons people might overlook these beauties...