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How to keep your cat and dog safe at Eastertime
Around the country, millions of people will be indulging in the joys of Easter, but not everyone will be aware of the…
Meet the cats of Canterbury Cathedral
We head to a world-famous place of worship that puts the ‘cat’ in cathedral!
We meet the therapy cats bringing joy to the elderly
Charity Pets As Therapy is arranging visits to nursing and care homes to share the love a cat can bring.
Prevention – the key to keeping your cat protected from fleas, ticks and biting…
When the weather gets warmer, your cat will spend more time investigating the great outdoors. Longer days and lighter…
10 top tips for playing with your cat
Behaviourist Clare Hemington recommends what would be her 10 cat-mandments when it comes to play for your cat.
Introducing the Lucky Cat Gift Set
We have launched the very first Your Cat themed gift set - available on our shop now!