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06 November 2023
Treat your cat to the purrfect cat tree, with up to 20% OFF in the Black Friday sales!

The first ever modular cat tree has taken possibilities to a whole new dimension!

We know that a cat’s needs vary as they grow, but regular cat trees can sometimes lack adaptability and can lead to cats losing interest easily. Cat trees can also lack flexibility and the large bases can take up too much room, especially if there’s limited space at home. Multi-cat households may also find that having several cat trees crowds their living space.

This is where having something customisable to suit you and your cat’s lifestyle is beneficial! Introducting the PETLIBRO INFINITY Cat Tree – a modular design which unlocks endless possibilities!

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This INFINITY Castle is the ultimate playland for a multi-cat household. It supports up to four levels of play space and can transform into numerous configurations for the perfect blend of versatility, comfort, and style.

And that’s not all – other benefits include:

Endless Modular Flexibility

With the option to add multiple sections, you can personalise the design of this cat tree to suit your cat's size and lifestyle, ensuring that your feline’s needs are met while keeping them entertained. Set your creativity free with a cat tree that is combines practicality with excitement!

High Component Flexibility

If you have more than one cat that will making use of the cat tree, you can create a dynamic space by introducing a corner turn, or a cat-wall configuration if this is more your style! It doesn’t just have to be two levels either… increase the cat tree to a multiple-level home, to really maximise the space to accommodate multiple cats.

Patented structure enables quick assembly and disassembly

This great design can be put together in a matter of minutes! The soft furnishings can be installed in just two seconds, cutting down the hands-on process – and within 10 minutes, your stylish and beautiful cat tree can be fully completed and ready for your cats to enjoy.

Precise clasps ensure a solid and secure connection

Each platform and scratching post seamlessly interlock, securely fastened to ensure the cat tree's stability and durability. Each platform effortlessly supports 35 pounds without wobbling, ensuring a durable and steady structure for a lifetime of use.

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