Giving hope to feral cats


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18 September 2023
Your Cat donates to Willowsway Cat rescue to help fund the neutering of a feral colony.

Willowsway Cat Rescue began in September 2019 and was set up by owner and trustee Liz Peach. “We currently have over 70 cats in our care, with more than 20 of those being kittens,” Liz explained. “A number of those cats will remain under the care of Willowsway due to significant medical or behavioural needs. All of the cats in our care are in foster homes as we don’t have a rescue centre – at present we have 12 active fosterers.”

“The donation will go towards the neutering of a feral colony that we have recently been alerted to and are currently working on with our vet, Northwich Vets, to devise a plan and the best course of action.

“This was very unexpected and we are absolutely delighted! Our supporters are truly amazing and without their loyalty the Willowsway team would not be able to continue our work.” Since July 2022, Willowsway has taken five litters of semi-feral kittens from the local area and each of the litters has had its own health challenges. This includes; significant ear problems resulting in complete removal of the middle ears of a kitten, swimmers’ leg, cat flu and most recently – herpes. Thirteen of these kittens have been successfully rehabilitated and rehomed, two will remain as forever fosters due to ongoing health needs and five will be looking for their forever homes in the coming months.

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