Professor Ginger finally finds a place to call home!


09 October 2023
A one-of-a-kind cat called Professor Ginger has found a place to call home after spending almost 6 months in the care of leading animal welfare charity, Battersea.

Throughout September, Battersea is shining a light on rescue cats and dogs like Professor Ginger, a nine-year-old Domestic Short Hair cat who was brought to Battersea in February after he was found as a stray. On arrival to the charity’s London centre, Professor Ginger struggled to relax in the cattery environment and spent most of his time hidden away. The dedicated Cattery staff provided him with lots of love and support to settle at his own pace and he slowly came out of his shell, showing off his larger-than-life personality. 

Professor Ginger made quite the impression on staff and volunteers alike with his unique and adventurous character. He could often be found getting up to mischief, and particularly enjoyed stealing hairbands from staff and stashing them away in his bed. 

Despite his loveable nature, the quirky feline was struggling to find the right match. After almost six months of being cared for by Battersea, he was spotted by Stu and David, who noticed he had been in Battersea’s care for a while and wanted to give him a home to call his own. Upon meeting, they instantly fell in love with his quirky personality and knew he was the right cat for them.  

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Talking about how Professor Ginger has been getting on in his new home, Stu and David said: “Since coming home Professor Ginger has settled in really well, it's like he’s always been here. When he arrived, he was quick to explore his new home and by the end of his first week with us, he had checked out every room in the house and figured out his favourite spots for a good snooze. 

“He went from being a more reserved cat who preferred to sit on his bed under the coffee table, to taking his prime position snuggled between us on the sofa. He has also settled into a routine of jumping up on the bed to give us a furry headbutt to say good night and good morning. He is an absolute delight, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him now. We want to thank Battersea for helping us find him and for always supporting rescue dogs and cats who need a second chance.” 

People can find out how they can help Battersea be there for dogs and cats, wherever they are, by visiting the Battersea website: