Cat traps funded!


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14 August 2023
Your Cat donates to help RSPCA Stourbridge purchase new cat traps.

RSPCA Stourbridge and District Branch is a separate, independently funded charity, founded in 1962, run exclusively by volunteers. The Branch has 20 permanent foster spaces, half of which are in the homes of volunteers. Most of these spaces can take two adult cats or a mum and her kittens.

“We have no veterinary facilities and rely on the support of local vets for all treatments,” explains branch chair, Liz Cormell. “The cats that we take in, and rehome, can be cats whose owners can no longer look after them, plus also strays and cats who have been living feral for some or all of their lives. This means we have taken in some very poorly cats. One of these was Kev, who we were first made aware of by a member of public. They were concerned that his skin looked very sore and he seemed to have something wrong with his mouth. A volunteer went straight out to assess Kev’s needs and immediately took him into care. He was an elderly, un-neutered tom, who had an extensive skin issue caused by mites, and he needed most of his teeth removed due to decay. Despite all of his problems, and the pain he must have been in, he was a lovely friendly boy. With love, care and medical attention he was ready to find his forever home.”

RSPCA Stourbridge will use Your Cat’s £250 donation to help buy additional traps to help more cats like Kev. “We are so grateful to receive this donation,” says Liv.

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“A huge thank you to Your Cat and the competition winner who chose us to be their charity. We, like every other animal rescue, are overwhelmed by the demand this summer, but the support we have been receiving from so many sources, both businesses and members of the public, has been amazing. With more traps, we can help get more cats off the streets and to safety.”