Your Cat partners with National Pet Month


27 March 2024
Next month (April 1 — May 1) is National Pet Month, the annual celebration we have with our animal companions — and Your Cat is getting involved! You can look forward to a month full of practical support, insightful stats, weekly live broadcasts, and fun competitions.

With a focus on the five key welfare needs of our pets – Companionship, Behaviour, Diet, Health and Environment — NPM will take a close look at everything from financial obstacles to pet health, cat behaviour and the importance of pet vaccination, healthy pet nutrition and the latest pet population figures showing just how our pets are positively impacting our physical and mental health.

As an official media partner, Your Cat will be sharing brilliant content from National Pet Month, as well as sharing content of our own, including exciting competitions! You can get involved with it all on our social media channels and receiving our newsletters. Each Monday of the campaign, the Your Cat newsletter will feature exciting content on the weekly theme and exclusive competitions to Your Cat. You can sign up to the newsletter here.

National Pet Month kicks off on Thursday, March 28 with a livestream from12 noon across social media introducing the NPM team and revealing what the month has in store.

Look out for weekly live broadcasts during April. These include features on the benefits of pets for people living on the streets with charity, StreetVet, a chat on cat behaviour and how to interpret feline body language, advice on navigating the array of pet food options, and tips on how to give your pet its medication, as well as the importance of following labelling and packaging instructions, plus lots more.

There’ll also be advice for those of us that might be struggling, including finding pet food banks and what to do if you can’t afford to see a vet, with links to organisations who can help you and your pet during challenging times.

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Your Cat wanted to be an official partner for National Pet Month as we share key values with the campaign. Your Cat is here to help you get the most out of life with your cat, from practical advice to inspiration about the lifestyle they bring. National Pet Month is a celebration of the joy pets bring to life and provides valuable support to help owner through the challenges of pet ownership.

National Pet Month is organised by UK Pet Food and the National Office of Animal Health.

“In 2024, National Pet Month is once again celebrating the special bond between people and the animals that share their lives. We are working alongside a variety of leading pet and vet professionals to offer the very latest practical support and advice to pet owners, some of whom may be struggling in this challenging environment,” says Nicole Paley, Deputy Chief Executive at UK Pet Food, one of the co-ordinating organisations of National Pet Month, along with NOAH.

“Please drop us a line on our social channels using the #PetPawsitivity and #VetPawsitivity hashtags and let’s celebrate the positive power of pets together. Happy National Pet Month!”