Lorraine Wells - Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellor

Cannock, United Kingdom, WS11 5JQ

Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellor

I offer a bespoke service to cats. At Bach Flower Cats, I provide holistic help for our feline companions. We all love our cats, but we have to remember that they are animals, and they have natural behaviours and instincts.

Animals have emotions too, and sometimes our precious felines need a little help. I will identify abnormal behaviours and select the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies needed. I will advise you, if necessary, as the cat guardian about changes to the environment, routine to help you to help your cat.

Changes don't happen overnight, so patience is required. I can help with the following issues: Aggressive behaviour, which is often fear-based Anxiety Bullying Overgrooming Fear-based behaviours Lack of confidence Change Emotional issues Separation anxiety Environment enrichment

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34 Woodford End, Cannock, United Kingdom, WS11 5JQ