The National Animal Welfare Trust Essex

Little Clacton, United Kingdom, CO16 9LG

A rescue and rehoming centre for cats and dogs based in Little Clacton, Essex.

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) Essex is one of five rehoming centres in operation as part of the NAWT, a charity that has been caring for animals in need for over 50 years.

The centre is based in Little Clacton and has been a vital lifeline to thousands of homeless dogs and cats under its original name of Clacton Animal Aid since 1984, before being entrusted to the NAWT in 2011. The NAWT Clacton alone sees around 300 dogs and cats rescued and adopted per year, and helps countless more owners with their pets.

At NAWT, our resident dogs and cats are provided with any appropriate veterinary care needed, including neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping, as well as behavioural rehabilitation and loving care, before they can go on to be rehomed. To help cover the costs of this care, the centre hosts fundraising events and offers cat holiday boarding.

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National Animal Welfare Trust Clacton The Street, Little Clacton, United Kingdom, CO16 9LG