Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary

Birmingham , United Kingdom, B47 6LS

Small rescue centre in south Birmingham. Heavily involved with TNR, specialise is special needs/complex cats and feral and stray cats. Indoor homing only policy.

We are a small registered charity 1198747 based in Wythall, West Midlands which was established in 2012. Offering rescue spaces to many types of animals Large and Small. We work tirelessly to rehabilitate and nurture every animal in our rescue in the result to find them a forever home.

​Fur and Feathers do not discriminate against an animals age, looks or history as we believe every animal has the right for a chance to be happy. Here at Fur and Feathers we will never put a healthy animal down, we have saved several animals from deaths door and will continue to do so.

We have a team of dedicated amazing volunteers who help us with all aspects of animal care, animal fostering and administration. We are entirely reliant on donations and the generosity of our supporters, without them we wouldn't be able to operate and continue to do what we do.

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Fur and feathers animal sanctuary Houndsfield Lane , Birmingham , United Kingdom, B47 6LS