Norwegian Forest Cat Club


Supporting the Norwegian Forest Cat in Britain since 1987.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is truly a natural breed and really does originate from Norway.  The exact origins of the Forest Cats will never be precisely established, but one thing is certain: NFCs can be found in Norwegian folklore, where it is said that these cats were the family pets of the Vikings.

The Norwegian Forest Cat Club is affiliated to the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) , which is the largest cat registration body in the UK.

Kittens for sale

LUNARAINE  - Diane Henderson

Location: Dumfriesshire
1 x Black Smoke - female
1 x Silver Tabby - female
1 x Black Smoke - Male
2 x Silver Tabby - Male
Date of birth: 24.01.22

Contact: 07801 583093
Email: [email protected]


LUNARTICO  - Emma Gates

Location: Monmouthshire
1 x Blue Smoke - Male
1 x Blue & White - Female
Date of birth: 14.02.22

Email: [email protected]

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