7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust

Newtownabbey, United Kingdom, BT36 9BP

Animal Rescue Charity including Pet Food Bank, Project Wildcat and rehoming dogs home to home schemes

We rescue, care for, treat, neuter and re-home abused, neglected, unwanted or abandoned domestic pets to suitable owners. We do not charge, animals are too precious. Our charity has no paid staff. Project Wildcat- we help with the cost of neutering feral cats in Northern Ireland & supply free kennels. Matchmaking Service- we help dogs find a home direct from their home to a new owner. Pet Food Bank-we help provide pet food to those in desperate need for a temporary period.

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust was founded in 2003 to rescue, care for and eventually re-home abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted pets. Our philosophy is always to put the welfare of the animal above all other concerns be they financial, personal or political. Our ultimate goal, however, is to cease to exist. We yearn for a time when we can close our doors because we are no longer needed; because people have eventually realised how precious animals are and do everything in their power to keep their pets permanently, rather than handing them over to us. The best place for any animal is not with a charity, or sanctuary, no matter how good they may be, but in the comfort of a loving home. We hope, some time in the future, this day will come.

You will find that our views on certain areas of animal welfare differ from the ‘consensus’ of opinion of other animal charities and those associated with animal welfare. We make no apologies for this. If there is a topic where our opinions differ from the orthodox view we will say so. Wherever we voice our concerns, or a differing opinion on some matter, we do so due to our own experience, or after extensive research. Every viewpoint and piece of advice we offer is, we believe, in the best interests of the animals.

However, we are not trying to tell you what to do. Neither us, nor anyone else, is an absolute authority on animal welfare. Ultimately the wellbeing of your animal is your own responsibility. Please do your own research and do what you think is best for your pet. If you have your own ideas on any subject relating to animal welfare please let us know. We value your opinions. animal welfare will never evolve and progress without good, healthy debate.

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PO BOX 198, Newtownabbey, United Kingdom, BT36 9BP