Helping Pets North East

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE6 4RP

A North East based registered animal rescue.

We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats and dogs. We do not own kennels, all our animals are placed in foster homes around the North East. We also operate a trap, neuter and release scheme to help control the feral population. We are a registered charity: 1155714.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers. Helping Pets (North-East) does not have any paid members of staff. Everyone who works for, or with us, is an unpaid volunteer.

We are proud of this because it means that the bulk of the money we receive, or raise, goes directly on animal rescue and care.

Only a small proportion goes on anything other than the animals.

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36 Ellesmere Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE6 4RP