Pawz for Thought

Sunderland, United Kingdom, SR5 3HW

Cat rescue shelter in Sunderland.

Pawz for Thought is an animal charity based in Sunderland but operating throughout the North East. We home to all areas in the North East. Our charity is run by unpaid volunteers with full time jobs elsewhere. We take in a lot of stray, feral, scared and aggressive cats and spend a lot of time rehabilitating them to find them loving forever homes. We always aim to find the perfect home for each cat, no matter how long it takes. Anyone looking to adopt from us will need to complete an adoption questionnaire and should expect a home check. We operate a very strong neutering policy and all of our adult cats are neutered and microchipped before leaving the shelter. Once a Pawz cat, always a Pawz cat. If the adopter has any change in circumstances in the future, where they are no longer able to look after the cat, we ask that the cat be brought back to us. This is part of the adoption agreement.

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Howbridge House, Ferryboat Lane, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR5 3HW, Sunderland, United Kingdom, SR5 3HW