Wonky Pets Rescue

Swadlincote, United Kingdom, DE12 6RF

We are a non destruct independent rescue organisation run solely by volunteers. We specialise in taking those animals with special needs. Based in Swadlincote and surrounding area

Wonky Pets Rescue - established 2012 we specialise in all sorts of rescue animals who have issues, whether they be physical, medical or psychological. We are a non destruct rescue which means that animals that are deemed un rehomeable remain with us for life. We operate from foster homes mainly around Swadlincote. (some in Northamptonshire). We are all volunteers and we receive no funding to help run the rescue, we rely solely on donations and our regular fundraising efforts to fund the treatment for the animals in our care

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122 Coton Park, Swadlincote, United Kingdom, DE12 6RF