Do all cats need grooming?


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One reader wonders whether her cat needs help with her grooming. Anita Kelsey advises.

A: Anita says: Cats are great at self-cleaning but some need a helping hand from us to maintain the coat in tip top condition. 

The non-breed generic cat (the moggie) is short-haired and low maintenance in terms of grooming. They will shed fur like all cats but in general, they can maintain their coat well and would probably just need a quick brush of the coat to keep it in good condition. 

However, long-haired breeds of cats like the Maine Coon, Siberian Forest, British Longhair, and Persians need their coats combed through to prevent mats forming. This is also true of cats with short but thick coats, such as British Shorthairs. 

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As for the hairless Sphynx cat, even they need grooming in the form of regular baths, as their skin gets very oily and dirty.