How do I begin click training my cat?


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A Your Cat reader asks for some tips on how to start clicker training her cat. Celia haddon advises...

Q) I’d like to start doing some clicker training with my cat Freddie. He’s just turned one year old and is a rescue moggy, and as he’s very happy and friendly, I think he’d enjoy it. However, I have no idea where to start. Where can we begin?

Jane Halstead

Celia says: The book that taught me most about training my cats was ‘Clicker Training for Cats’ by Karen Pryor. Almost all cats enjoy clicker training. From their point of view, it is a way of persuading human beings to give them treats! It is particularly valuable for indoor-only cats as a way of making their life more interesting, and it has been used in rescue shelters to increase cat welfare. It will also make your non-animal friends think you are absolutely brilliant, as there is a myth that cats cannot be trained! If books are not your thing, then you could ask a local dog clicker trainer to let you sit in on beginner classes!

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