How do I get my cat ready for showing?


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A reader asks how she can get her Persian cat's coat looking its best in preparation for showing...

Q) Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I was getting into showing my cat. I have a pedigree Persian and was just starting my journey into the showing scene, which I was really enjoying. I just enjoyed the experience of being with fellow owners. Hopefully, showing will be back soon. What tips would you give to get my Persian’s coat looking as shiny and sleek as possible?

Your Cat reader

Anita says: Grooming a coat for showing is on a higher level than most ordinary groomers, so I am perhaps not the best person to answer this, having not shown a cat. I would say get your cat used to being bathed and continue with that to create a calm positive experience.


I use the John Paul brand of cat shampoos. Continue to clean the eyes on a daily basis and combing the fur with tools, such as a moulting comb, finishing off with a slicker brush. Many show cat owners use talc to shine the coat or to cover up any mess in the nether regions if there’s been an accident. However, talc is not something I would advocate.

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I am sure there are many online forums for owners of show cats, as I do know there have been lots of virtual cat shows on Facebook. I’ve entered my two cats in some just for fun. It is also worth speaking to breed clubs too as the members will have vast knowledge. Good luck!