How do I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?


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Is your cat instantly attracted to your Christmas tree? Find out how to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree.

How many of you have stepped back to admire all your hard work after putting up your Christmas tree, only to find your cat wandering (in some cases charging!) over to explore ‘his’ new climbing frame!?

The one sure way of keeping your kitty at paw’s length from your newly erected tree is to locate it in a room that your cat will not have access to. Some people choose to close off the room that contains the Christmas tree to ensure that no harm comes to the tree, but, more importantly, no harm comes to kitty. On the other hand, many people want their cats to be part of their family Christmas, and this means allowing them into the same room as the tree. However, it can be very difficult to keep a cat away from the tree, especially those determined, avid climbers! The best way to tackle this tricky situation is to make the tree less appealing to kitty. Here are my top tips:

  • Use a heavy-duty tree stand that will keep the tree upright, even if your cat attempts to scale it!
  • Locating the tree in a corner is a safer choice, but make sure that it’s not too close to any furniture that your cat might decide to use as a launch pad to dive onto the tree.
  • If you have a real tree, ensure that you make the water reservoir inaccessible to your cat. Tree sap and tree preservatives are toxic.
  • Before decorating the tree, spray a bitter anti-chew product on the branches — this should deter your cat from nibbling and chewing.
  • Using an artificial tree would be less appealing to a cat, especially if you opt for a non-shiny one.
  • When placing lights on the tree, wrap them tightly around the branches to limit dangling wires, as these could entice your cat.
  • Avoid twinkling tree lights because these might tempt your cat to play with them — opt for steady lights instead.
  • Choose non-breakable ornaments just in case your kitty decides to swat a bauble — there will be less risk of injury.
  • Do not use edible decorations — the aromas will attract your cat to the tree.
  • Decorate the tree with items that may be perceived as less interesting to your cat, such as paper ornaments, wooden tree decorations, and so on. Avoid tinsel at all costs.

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