How to clip your cats claws


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Claw clipping made easier

Q: My cat won’t let me trim her claws. How can I make it a pleasurable experience for us both? 

Chloe Cooper 

Anita says:
Many cats hate having their claws trimmed as they do not understand why it’s happening, with the claws being one of their main defence tools. This area is also sensitive and some cats have had a negative experience in the past connected to their nails being cut too short with the pink quick (blood vessels and nerves that supply the claw) being snipped — a very painful accident! 

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I would suggest you first get your cat used to having her paws touched only, combined with a treat. This means nothing else is expected to happen. Then when she is relaxed, move to pressing the paw to protract the claws, again combined with a treat. When she is relaxed with this next step, you can try and press down and clip just one claw and then give a treat and leave her well alone until the next day when you will try another claw. 

Try to find treats she loves, like some lightly cooked steak or some fish. Another way to do this is to ask a friend to hold your cat over their shoulder, pressed into their body, and give your cat a treat as your friend gently clips one claw on the back leg, then treat and clip another on the back leg. Hopefully, the treats should keep your cat occupied enough to at least get one claw a day done until your cat gets relaxed with the whole process.