What plants will my cat enjoy?

It's not just catnip that cats enjoy. Garden expert Graham Strong lists other plants that felines may enjoy.

kitten playing in the garden

Cats are often seen having a crafty chew on some sweet grass. The native, broadleaved cocksfoot grass is a favourite. More readily available are common oats (also known as cat grass) which can be sown every two or three weeks for a continuous supply of tender shoots.

You could also plant herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary, as they have many beneficial medicinal properties.

Lose the lawn

Rolling acres of grass mown in military stripes are a common pipe-dream. However, for a cat out on the prowl they represent something of a desert, offering no chance of concealment.

The problem is made worse if the boundary borders are little more than narrow strips. If you can't bear to dig up the whole lawn, put in some bold blocks of planting. An element of concealment will make the layout more interesting for gardeners too!