Summer cat care tips


Keep your cat cool and safe throughout the summer months with Your Cat Magazine's top tips!
  • Your cat may not want to eat as much in hot weather but if he seems persistently off his food, speak to your vet
  • Don't leave your pet in a parked car, conservatory, greenhouse or caravan on hot days as this can easily lead to heatstroke, which can be fatal
  • Keep your cat well groomed, especially if he has long or thick fur.
  • Always make sure your cat has access to fresh, cool water - indoors and out.
  • Provide your cat with shady spots outside - this could be achieved with clever planting! Read our advice on creating a cat-friendly garden.
  • Ensure all the flowers and plants in your garden are cat-friendly - many, including lilies, are toxic to cats if nibbled.
  • Sadly, air gun attacks on cats increase in the summer. If you see a wound that is 5mm across with a reddened edge, take your cat to the vet immediately
  • Cats with white or pale fur should have a cat-friendly sunscreen (or one suitable for babies) applied to their noses and ear tips to prevent skin cancer.
  • The temperature in our homes can become quite uncomfortable on a hot day, so you may want to open a window for an indoor cat. To prevent escape, purchase an escape-proof window screen, or have an electric fan on when you're at home. If your cat does escape, having your cat microchipped will help to reunite you both.
  • Bee and wasp stings are common in cats, but stings in the mouth and throat that interfere with breathing can be serious - seek advice from your vet if you think this may be the case. Otherwise, wasp stings can be treated at home with a weak solution of vinegar or bicarbonate of soda for bee stings (after removing the sting with tweezers).
  • Wet cat food can be a breeding ground for flies in the summer - remove any uneaten food and clean bowls thoroughly.
  • Many slug pellets, weed killers, lawn fertilisers and ant powders are harmful to cats - check labels carefully to see if they're safe to use with pets around.
  • If you'd like your cat to enjoy the summer months outdoors but you're worried about his safety, try cat-proofing your garden to prevent escape.
  • If you're going on holiday this summer, ensure you have pre-booked a suitable cattery well in advance (and make sure your cat's vaccinations are up-to-date before his stay).
  • Curious cats just won't be able to resist open sheds or garages, so make sure you check these for wandering felines before you close up.
  • Remember to pack away tools and lawnmowers so little paws don't stand on anything sharp or play with the cables!
  • Make sure barbecues and coals have completely cooled before leaving them unattended.

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