Flower remedies to de-stress cats


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We all experience situations that evoke fear and our pets are no exception. Angela Lowe looks at ways to keep your cat calm.

Be it a visit to the vets, bonfire night, travelling or a new home, the panic and upset they experience can be distressing for both pet and owner.

That's where Bach Original Flower Remedies come in, says Flower Essence Practitioner Jane Page of Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s, flower essences capture the healing energies of plants by using flowers, buds and sometimes twigs. Jane explains: "Dr Bach discovered that if flowers were floated in pure water in sunlight, the life force could be transferred into the water. Mixing it with alcohol could then preserve it."

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"The Bach remedies consist of 38 different essences, but there are many essence makers throughout the world, the second oldest being Spirit-in-Nature Essences (formerly Master's Flower Essences) from California, USA, which caters especially for pets and their owners."

Anne says: "A Flower Essence Practitioner is taught to observe both animal and owner. Sometimes an owner can unwittingly be the cause of a pet's problem. For example, if an owner is terrified of storms it is much more likely that their pet will be afraid as well. In this sort of case, if the owner is treated for fear as well as the pet, there is a much higher success rate. "A practitioner will also be able to suggest an essence through the knowledge gained from his or her training, rather than just guessing which essence is required. If a wrong essence is given, however, no harm can be done - although a vet should always be consulted before any course of treatment."

Sandy Griffith, registered vet nurse and Bach foundation Registered Practitioner, says: "The purpose of the Bach Original Flower Remedies is to help restore emotional well-being and fulfil potential. They really make a difference to help our pets cope with various situations." Here we take a closer look at how they can help:Bach flower remedy

  • Visiting the vets can be a traumatic time for our pets. Try using Rock Rose on a regular basis to help calm them if they get panicked in the waiting room and Honeysuckle to help break the association >with past visits.
  • Loud bangs can easily scare animals on bonfire night and at New Year. Add Mimulus to their water a few weeks before to help them overcome their fears and not react as dramatically on the night.
  • Most animals find the idea of travelling an ordeal. Help them to adapt to the changes in their environment with Walnut and don't forget to add Mimulus to their water a few weeks before the journey to help prepare them for dealing with their fears.
  • Despite our preparations, we all get a little panicked in situations that scare us. This is also true of our pets. You can help support the treatment of your pet by keeping Rescue Remedy on hand during the fireworks, vet visits or journey in case they need some on-the-spot calming relief. Bach Original Flower Remedies are priced at around £5.95 for 20ml. For more information, visit www.bachremedies.co.uk