How can I stop my cat climbing up trees?


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Does your cat love to climb trees, but you're worried he'll get stuck? Here's our advice on how to discourage your cat climbing trees...

Q) How can I stop my new young cat climbing up the oak tree in my garden? Sometimes he will run up the trunk and then make mewing noises at me from high up, as if he is frightened. I am worried that one day he may get stuck there and not be able to get down. Your Cat reader.

A) Cats run up trees for safety when they are scared of something below, like a dog. They also run up trees just for fun. And sometimes they run up trees to get human attention. This may be what your new cat is doing, meowing to make sure you notice him rather than because he is frightened!


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Did you know?

Walking on a leash can remove a cat's opportunity to enjoy climbing.

If you want to stop him going up a particular tree, you can buy devices made up of linked spikes, often sold online under the name of tree guard or tree deterrent. The spikes will not hurt him — they just put a ring of steel round the tree trunk over which he will not be able to climb. I used one a few years back after my cat ran up a tree and had to be rescued by a passing tractor driver! It worked well.