What stresses out a cat?


By sharing our lives with our cats we expose them to situations they can find stressful.

Cats prefer the consistent life. It's in their nature, of course, to come and go as they please, but they like to have a routine to their lives. Their territory is very much their own. Anything that disturbs that daily pattern or threatens their domain can make a cat stressed.

Main causes of feline upset:

  • House moving is at the top of the list for cat stresses. Being taken away from landmarks is upsetting for a cat.
  • Other cats arriving or leaving the house can also cause upset.
  • Being bullied by another cat.
  • Having an accident or illness can also cause a great deal of stress.
  • Any significant change in his owners routine can also be upsetting - a new job with different working hours
    can make your cat unhappy.
  • Changes to a family can also be traumatic, from the arrival of a new baby to the addition of a step-parent.
    Visitors can also make him unhappy.

Signs of stress:

  • Overgrooming.
  • Giving you the cold shoulder - he won't respond as normal to your calls and strokes.
  • A change from a carefree outdoor cat to an unhappy indoor cat.
  • A lack of appetite.

If you spot any of these signs, then do call your vet for advice or seek help from a professional behaviour therapist. Battersea Dogs and Cats also provide an advice service for behavioural issues.

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