Why are my cat's eyes tearing and red?


Have you recently noticed that your cat's eyes are unusually red and tearing? Here's our advice on why this could be, and what you should do.

Q) What can I do if my cat’s eye is tearing and red?

Red and watery eyes can be a sign of an injury, as well as an infection. One of the cat flu viruses, Herpes Virus, commonly causes problems with eyes. Many of the cats affected, need a course of antibiotics and occasionally anti-viral medication.

Before we start putting anything into the eye, we must make sure that there is no damage to the eye surface or a foreign body hiding under the eyelids. Please make an appointment with your vet. Your cat must be examined sooner rather than later.

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Top tips

  • Generally, cats' eyes do not need cleaning. However, some cats with flat faces will have eyes that run and need wiping regularly. To do this, use a damp piece of cotton wool — remember to use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each eye.

Advice given by vet Aga Zoltowska.