Why does my cat bite his nails?


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Does your cat have a habit of biting their nails? We take a look at why they do this, and whether it’s anything to worry about.

Q) My Bengal is constantly biting at his nails on his front left paw. He has one particularly long nail on this paw and this seems to be the focus of his chewing. Do you think I should be worried about it?

The best indication that something is not right with your cat is you noticing a change in your cat’s behaviour. At this moment in time, there is no need to panic but I would definitely recommend a physical examination by your vet.

It is essential that we look for any possible underlying causes of this behaviour. Cats are renowned for their grooming routine but paying particular attention to one area, especially if noticed over a period of time, necessitates a more detailed look. Cats can overgroom an area when it is particularly itchy or painful.

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Occasionally, it can be a purely behavioural problem, nevertheless we must make sure that there are no underlying medical causes. Your veterinarian will be able to look for any clues and perform tests to help with reaching the diagnosis.

Top tip

You know your cat's usual behaviour, so if something doesn't seem right, get your cat checked out by the vet.

Advice given by vet Aga Zoltowska.