DIY puzzle feeders


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We've raided our recycling bins and come up with three puzzle feeder ideas to entertain your cat!

You will need:

Empty toilet/kitchen rolls

PVA glue

Craft knife

Clean pots (we've used yoghurt pots)

Clean plastic bottle


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Paw feeder

Simply place kibble or treats inside the feeder and watch your cat paw at the tubes and pots!

  1. Take a large rectangular piece of cardboard for a base and a few empty toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and empty yoghurt pots
  2. Cut the rolls to different lengths and glue these and the pots to the base with a non-toxic glue, such as PVA
  3. When the glue is dry, pop a few bits of kibble or healthy treats into the tubes and pots and let your cat enjoy himself!

Bottle exercise toy

Simply fill with kibble and let your cat loose! He'll bat the toy around to try and get the treats inside.

  1. Find an empty, washed out plastic bottle (a 500ml size works best) and remove the label
  2. Using a craft knife, carefully cut small holes or shapes into the bottle. The holes need to be large enough to allow kibble to drop through, but not so large that they just fall out. Use sandpaper to sand off any sharp edges left in the plastic
  3. Pop in a few pieces of kibble, screw the lid back on tightly and let your cat play to his heart's content!

Top tip! If your cat is pretty good at working out how to get the food, make it slightly harder by creating a new bottle feeder with smaller holes.

Maze toy & feeder

This simple idea is sure to get your cat moving! Pop kibble, treats or toys into the finished box to provide hours of entertainment!

  1. Take a large rectangular cardboard box (ours is 11cm x 33cm x 32.5cm) and, using a marker, draw an assortment of shapes on the box. The holes need to be large enough for your cat to get his paws through.
  2. Carefully cut the shapes out using a craft knife
  3. Drop in a few kibbles, treats and toys and let your cat loose!

This craft feature was originally published in the May 2015 issue of Your Cat Magazine.