Why won't my kitten stop meowing?


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Why won't my kitten stop meowing Why won't my kitten stop meowing
Some cats and kittens are more vocal than others, but there may be a reason as to why your kitten is constantly crying. Read on to find out why your kitten won't stop meowing.

A cat's meow is a language developed exclusively for humans, and not other cats. Generally, a meowing cat or kitten wants something, whether this is food, attention, or even access to a room or outside.  Some cats are more vocal than others, it doesn't mean he is unhappy, but there are some ways that you can try to reduce the crying.  

Firstly, cats are independent animals and they need to have free access to food, water and space. Switch your kitten onto ad-lib feeding, preferably from an activity or puzzle feeder like the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board. Keep the feeder topped up at all times, and make sure you don't feed meals or more food on demand.

Your kitten may also be keen to explore the big outdoors. Providing he is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered, give your kitten free outdoor access via a cat flap, preferably a microchip one that prevents other cats from coming in. Read more on when to introduce your kitten to the outdoors. 

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Lastly, your kitten may have learned that if he miaows loud enough, he will get some kind of response from you, and therefore will naturally associate this with the intensity of his meow. Although your kitten's consistent meowing may be hard to resist, try to avoid finding ways to satisfy your kitten when he is crying. If you try offering food treats, play or cuddles, when he is miaowing at you then you could be inadvertently rewarding this behaviour.

It might also be worth mentioning that your kitten won't stop meowing and crying to your vet, who will be able to check him over for any health conditions that may cause him to be more vocal. After all this, if your cat is still crying at various times throughout the day, then this is probably just a matter of his personality; he is a talkative cat, which can be a very endearing quality!