13 reasons black cats are bad luck


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24 October 2018
As it's National Black Cat Day (October 27) we thought we'd take a look at some of the reasons people might overlook these beauties...

1. Black cats are not lap cats – they’ll never want to cuddle with you…

2. You can never get a nice photo of them!

3. They never want to play or have fun.

4. They will never want to be touched or stroked.

5. They won’t get on with your other cats!

6. Or your kids...

7. Their paw beans are nowhere near as cute as other cats…

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8. Their fur isn't silky soft...

9. Multiple black cats are even worse!

10. And don't get me started on kittens…

11. Black cats just aren't pretty at all.

12. They won’t want to look after you when you’re poorly.

13. They will NEVER make you smile!

You may end up with dark cat hair on your clothes, on your carpets, and in your food, but you'll never have a dark day with a black cat by your side.