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17 April 2024
A cat subscription box makes for a special surprise in the post every month - something for you and your cats to enjoy...

My Gus & Bella box arrived yesterday, and I still can’t believe how much was in one box! Check out the video on social media and also below to see the box contents, but let’s have a little run-through of what you get.

Gus & Bella

This one was called the Spring Fling April Box and included for the cat were two tins of Untamed tasty natural cat food. It offers a good taste alongside high-quality nutrition. If you haven't heard of Untamed before, just see how your cat reacts when you feed it. The food is high in protein, and both of my cats loved it.

There was also a wool catnip bumble bee play ball and a fishing rod feather toy. We (my cats and I!) played with this ball along the floor; they chased it, batted it, and flicked it themselves. It's such a fun element, especially to encourage playing with your cat. Play is so often underestimated; it's vital to inject play into their daily routine. Not only is it great for their enrichment, it also strengthens the bond between you and your cat. Receiving a monthly box with new toys is a great idea; it refreshes your cat's toys without you needing to do much! The fishing rod toy went down really well… my two absolutely loved this. It brought out their hunting instincts, especially in my ragdoll, who could play with it for hours. There were also some catnip play bubbles, another playful addition. Cats are very inquisitive when it comes to bubbles, and these are made from water combined with a little bit of catnip extract, getting your cat bouncing around with excitement.

The box also includes plenty for you as humans. There's a lovely "Meow" frame that's perfect for displaying a beautiful picture of your cat, and a Pusheen hairbrush, which my daughter loved and immediately claimed. She also swiped the lovely Candy Kitten pack, one of my favourite sweets! Lastly, there was a "Grow Your Own Cat Grass" kit, which will take a couple of weeks to see come to fruition. We've already planted it and look forward to seeing sprouts for the cats to enjoy.

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Gus & Bella