James Bowen believes Bandit shares some of Street Cat Bob's spirit


09 May 2022
James says his cat Bandit has got some of Street Cat Bob’s spirit as he loves to go on adventures.

Everybody loves Bandit. From the day that I got the little boy, I’ve always known that he’s a bit of an adventurer. He definitely has a bit of the spirit of Bobby. 

I remember the first time I took him out when I was going to meet some colleagues about a livestream event for Thames Reach who were inviting me to be a keynote speaker at their charity fundraising event. Bandit joined us in the conference room and just chilled, enjoying being part of the room. Everybody there adored him. He was only teeny tiny then but that’s when I realised he was something special. 

So, when I had a chance, I fitted him and his little brother — well, I should say twin brother, Gizmo — with harnesses like I used to have for Bob. Their reactions were like night and day, as one kitty was more than up for it, unlike the other one. An analogy would be Bandit was like a duck to water and Gizmo was like well, I don’t know…a slug to sand or something like that! So, I had to give up on Gizmo wearing a harness after watching the chaos that happened watching him flying around the house, running away with his leash trailing as he went everywhere knocking things over and smashing into walls and doors, which was nothing new for Gizmo because he is a bit of a terrorist! 

This is actually kinda funny because of the names of them. Bandit, his name is well you know ‘bandit’ but Gizmo, one would think he’s named after the Mogwai from ‘Gremlins.’ Gizmo is like that cat you see in the little meme video where the cat pushes glasses off the counter and the woman says “No” but it looks her in the eye and pushes another one straight off and then the clip says ‘thug life’ with sunglasses being worn by the cat — that’s Gizmo. 

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