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07 February 2022
James tells of how getting more cats helped him cope with the loss of Bob…

The house had been completely turned upside down, like a hurricane had hit it or maybe you would think it had been burgled. We looked everywhere. Turned over everything. Monika was crying, sitting in the corner with the belief in her mind that Gizmo had run away.

Two of our closest friends were standing there scratching their heads trying to figure it out. We looked under the bath, behind the fridge, under the floorboards, which isn’t possible but we did try anyway. But we couldn’t find Gizmo anywhere. Bandit, however, was sitting there in the middle of the upturned lounge room, looking as cute as a button with not a worry in the world as he was purring steadily. To my mild amusement, he managed to make everybody who was so worried about the disappearance of Gizmo all go completely soppy and fall in love with this little man. But let me tell you first how they came to be with me, before I tell you where Gizmo ultimately was hiding!

Collecting kittens

One day earlier, we had travelled to Walthamstow from south London to collect a kitten. It was the 27th June and it had been nearly two weeks since Bob had passed away and left his mortal coil behind. I was absolutely reeling, unable to figure out how I had gone wrong and why I was being cheated of my boy’s companionship. But I had to face facts. He was gone and I had to move on. Although, I still haven’t to this day. And I probably never will. I’ll always hold a little part of my heart, actually all of my heart, for Bob — except for the part that belongs to Monika, of course.

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