Looking for a temporary alternative to castration?


13 October 2022
More people than ever are taking on the joys of cat ownership and it’s important that you know all of the options, especially when it comes to one of the most important decisions, neutering.

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Speak to your vet today about the medical option.

Surgical castration and permanent removal of your cats male reproductive organs, has up until now been the only way to control unwanted mating and certain undesirable male behaviours such as urine marking and aggression.

Surgical castration is an effective method to achieve permanent sterilisation and inhibit these behaviours but there are occasions where a temporary medical option is desirable. For example, if there is a desire to later sire a litter or when you are unsure that you want to put your cat through a permanent surgical procedure.

Thankfully there is a new temporary medical option, which comes in the form of an implant containing deslorelin (manufactured by Virbac), which offers many of the benefits of surgical castration and gives you the chance to test the effect of castration without anaesthesia, surgical complications or wound care.

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The implant can last for around 12 months (although  this can be variable) and is highly effective giving you the chance to decide whether long-term medical castration or surgical castration is right for your cat.

The deslorelin medical implant has been shown to be well tolerated and is available from your veterinary surgeon.

So if you are currently considering castration, speak  to your veterinary surgeon about the options available and make the right choice for your cat.

For more information, visit the Virbac website.

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