Product review: Scrumbles cat food


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01 July 2020
An impressively small kibble that surprisingly smells like fresh roast chicken, with no unpleasantries at all. The quality is evident and the cats didn’t waste any time eating every last bit of their meals in one sitting. That’s probably enough evidence on its own to say we’ll be sticking with Scrumbles.

Product review by James Buzzel and his two cats.

Equally, the brand appears to be built on solid ethical grounds. They use only free run chicken (75 per cent of the ingredients) and natural ingredients with no added sugars, salts, or artificial flavouring. The packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, and, to top it all, the company works closely with animal charities to provide support and food.

Our cats have tried both the Chicken and the Chicken with Salmon dry kibble and both are firm favourites. We tend to feed mainly dry, but we also offered them Scrumbles Chicken and the Tuna wet food in small portions. Again, the fresh meaty smell when opening the sachets and the visual appearance of the food tells you this is good quality ingredients, and the cats loved it!

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The best bit is the ‘end result’. Our cats are both indoor cats with just garden access, so the litter tray odour is important to keep as less offensive as possible. There were no problems here, and all mess was easy to scoop up. Full marks from us, and well worth a try.

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Visit the Scrumbles website and use the discount code SCRUMPTIOUS at the checkout, to get 15% off your order.

The Facts

Buy from:

Cost: £6.99 for a 750g bag of dry food. 90p for an 85g wet food pouch.