Product review: Yaheetech Cat Tree


04 August 2019
My other half and I, and especially our two excitable kittens, were excited to test out the Yaheetech Cat Scratching Post Tower Tree Pet Palace Cat Palace.

Product Review by Carl Golder.

First of all, The Yaheetech Cat Scratching Post Tower Tree Pet Palace Cat Palace, what a mouthful for a scratching post!

With a bit of help and assistance from ten-week-old Stanley and Elsie, it took me and my o/h approximately 90 minutes to put the palace together. We began by laying out all of the parts on the floor (and there were a lot) and like all kits we read through the illustrated instructions first to familiarise ourselves.

At this point I did wonder whether or not I’d made the right decision in buying the palace as the kittens were more interested in playing around with the empty box, but we stuck to the plan and got building.

Working from the base upwards, all of the components screwed into one other nice and easily with the only tool required being the Allen key provided and some of the components requiring covering with stretchy faux fur, which snapped nicely into place.

Strangely, with each new level that we assembled, Stanley and Elsie became less interested in the empty box and more inquisitive about the palace.

Once finished, we were left wondering why there was a canvas strap attached to one of the mid-section pieces, but after a bit of googling we realised that it was there for safety purposes. The strap can be secured to a wall or support to ensure that the palace isn’t pulled down by larger or more adventurous cats.

In conclusion; the palace is the purrfect activity centre for kittens and cats including levels to chill out in, cushioned and padded seats to sit on, posts to scratch at and a dangling ball to attack. Stanley and Elsie really do love it!

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The Facts

Buy from:

Cost: £43.99

Comes with: All components including padding and covers

Additional materials needed: None - Allen key provided

Time to construct: 90 minutes

Experience: Absolutely none

Top tip: Read through all instructions before constructing