Why middle-aged rescue cats have so much love


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17 July 2023
For new owners, choosing a feline friend to welcome into their homes will always be a big decision, especially when adopting from a rescue centre, with cats coming in all shapes, sizes, ages, and temperaments.

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From cute kittens to snoozy senior felines, many people looking to adopt a rescue often fall for younger cats with their cute and playful ways or older cats looking for a comfy retirement home to rest their paws, overlooking middle-aged cats needing a home to call their own.  

Claire Davies, a Cattery Team Leader at leading animal welfare charity, Battersea, is shining a light on why people should consider welcoming a middle-aged cat into their lives. Speaking about these cats Claire said:    

“Whilst it’s understandable that new owners fall for cute kittens with their loveable energy, or older cats looking for a loving home in their twilight years, cats aged seven to ten who are going through midlife can often be overlooked but have just as much love to give”. 

Speaking about the benefits of cats in their adulthood, Claire said: “These cats have usually established their own personalities, which can be a real benefit for new owners, offering the best of both worlds as they’re in the prime of their life and still enjoy being active.

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“Unlike kittens, who need a lot more attention, mature cats are generally more self- sufficient and enjoy a homely sense of calm, with many happy to curl up on your lap.” 

A Battersea resident in his middle years, who recently came into the care of the much-loved charity, was eight-year-old Wonton. Despite settling into the rescue centre’s London cattery in no time, Wonton was left waiting for a new home for 74 days, almost three times as long as the average time taken to rehome a Battersea rescue cat. Luckily for Wonton, he’s now found a home where he is receiving all the love and fuss a cat could ever hope for. 

Claire added: “It’s heart-warming that there was someone willing to take a chance on Wonton and give him the happiness that he deserves. At Battersea we believe rescue is best and our felines have their own unique quirks and personalities that can brighten up the lives of new owners".

For further information and to find out more about adopting a rescue cat, visit: https://www.battersea.org.uk/