The Your Cat Podcast Episode 2


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24 November 2023
Cats have long been a part of human lives, charming us with their unique behaviours and independence. However, there is much we don't understand about these elusive creatures.

Our latest podcast episode (E2) dives into the intriguing world of felines, touching on everything from AI technology to pet care and artistic representations of our furry companions.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly influential in various fields, and pet care is no exception. AI can potentially help us unlock the secret language of cats, allowing us to better understand their needs and behaviours. For instance, AI could be used to identify and interpret cat body language, offering insights into their emotions and desires. Imagine understanding your cat's different meows or body movements accurately - it's a cat owner's dream come true!

As winter sets in, cat owners often worry about their pets' safety, especially during the night. We shed light on this topic with expert insights from our resident cat behaviourist, Clare Hemmington. She emphasises cats are designed for darkness, with excellent night vision and acute hearing. While it's natural for us to worry, it's also essential to respect their instincts and give them autonomy.

Festive seasons can be confusing times for pets. Amidst the merriment and feasting, it's important to be mindful of our cats’ diet. Overindulging them with human food can lead to health problems. The episode also provides tips on introducing new items like scratching posts or beds to your pet, suggesting associating these items with positive experiences for easier acceptance.

We also delve into the trends in cat ownership in the UK based on a report by Cats Protection. There's a shift towards purchasing pedigree cats and a decline in cat adoption rates. This raises important questions about responsible pet ownership and the need for stricter processes in acquiring pets.

Art also has a significant role in our relationship with cats. We introduce a new segment, "Cat Sculpture of the Fortnight", highlighting different artistic representations of cats. This episode features the statue of Hodge, a beloved cat of Dr. Samuel Johnson.

To wrap up, we share a heartwarming story about a woman's quest to find the perfect cat at a shelter. The tale beautifully underscores the profound bond between humans and cats.

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