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01 December 2023
Our latest episode of Your Cats Podcast takes listeners on a holiday journey from shopping splurges for our feline friends to the review of a cordless vacuum designed specifically for pet owners, the Henry Quick Pet.

With the festive season upon us, it's intriguing to learn about the shopping habits of pet owners. The hosts, Mike Hallam and James Buzzel, present some fascinating figures that reveal how pet owners tend to include their furry companions in their holiday shopping lists.


A key feature of this episode is the detailed review of the Henry Quick Pet vacuum. Designed for pet owners, this cordless vacuum comes with several unique features, including a bag for easy and clean emptying, scented ringlets for a fresh smell, and a quiet operation. It's fascinating to learn how this vacuum could make a great Christmas gift for a pet lover. The hosts put the vacuum under the microscope, and their verdict? It gets top marks!

The episode also takes listeners on a journey through the heartwarming tales of Teddy, a one-eyed cat, Towser, a celebrated mouser at the Glen Turret distillery in Scotland, and Uma, a once-shy cat now comfortably snuggling up to her adopted family. These stories bring a heartwarming element to the podcast, offering listeners a glimpse into the incredible world of our feline friends.

One of the standout moments in the episode is the tale of Teddy, a one-eyed cat who regularly descends on tables from the sky like a bewhiskered paratrooper, creating a charming cabaret for café goers. The tale of Towser, the world-record-holding mouser at the Glen Turret distillery, is equally intriguing, and it highlights the distillery as an exciting destination for cat lovers.

The story of Uma, the Russian Blue, provides an insight into the transformation journey of a shy cat into a loving family pet. It's an inspiring story for anyone considering adopting a cat and shows the potential for positive change in a pet's behaviour.

Overall, this episode of Your Cats Podcast is a perfect blend of festive indulgence, product review, and heartwarming cat tales. Whether you're a cat owner, a cat lover, or just someone interested in pets, this episode is a must-listen. 

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