Your Cat’s Scottish Wildcat breeding success — again!


14 August 2023
Embo (solely sponsored by Your Cat), has recently become a father to another new kitten.

Saving Wildcats (#SWAforLife) is a project dedicated to Scottish wildcat conservation and recovery, aiming to prevent the extinction of Wildcats in Scotland by breeding and releasing them into the wild. The project has already established a conservation breeding for release centre for Wildcats at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park and began releasing Wildcats into the Cairngorms National Park in June earlier this year.

Embo is one of the Wildcats in the centre and father to two Wildcats that have been released into the wild over the past few months. This year, he is also a father to one female kitten who was born to mum, Torr, in April. This kitten is likely to be released into the wild in 2024! Keepers describe Embo as a great dad, as he is very tolerant of the antics of his kitten, which includes practising pouncing on her parents! David Barclay, Saving Wildcats Conservation Manager, said: “It is wonderful to have the support of Your Cat Good Causes in sponsoring Embo, one of the cats in the conservation breeding centre. He is a handsome boy, who has always been very vocal and likes to make his presence known!”

Wildcats are clinging on by a claw and Scotland is their last refuge from extinction in Britain. This is great news to hear of another successful breeding.

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