My cat will only drink milk - help!


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Most cats love the taste of cat milk, but it's important to always offer them fresh water too.

Cat milk will contain water so your cat is probably getting enough fluid between this and his food (even dry food will contain some moisture). I would still always leave down clean fresh water.

It's also worth experimenting with the water bowl you use. Cats like wide ceramic or glass bowls (not plastic), filled very full. Other cats love to drink from water fountains as the flow of water is stimulating. A cheaper alternative for this is to leave a tap in the sink dripping (but remember to remove the plug!).

Is cat milk unhealthy for my cat?

Your cat probably loves the flavour of the cat milk, but I would recommend you keep a close eye on his weight, as it will be calorific. You could try diluting the cat milk, gradually increasing the amount of water you add into it. Do this in a very systematic way, over a period of several weeks, and hopefully he will adapt to the diluted taste and eventually wean onto water only. The trick is to be very gradual so he doesn't notice the difference.

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Can cats drink cow's milk?

Remember, cow's milk is unsuitable for cats, so it's best to stick to cat milk, available from pet shops and supermarkets. Giving your cat cow's milk can cause upset tummies, cramps and even severe diarrhoea.

Advice provided by feline nutritionist Libby Sheridan.