Choosing a veterinary practice


Tips from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons on how to choose a vet practice to suit you and your cat.

It's worth taking a little time to find out about your local veterinary practices and choose the best one to suit you and your kitten or cat. You hopefully won't have to visit them often, but you should feel happy that they can treat your cat as and when he requires care.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' (RCVS) Practice Standards Scheme accredits veterinary practices according to the services and/or specialities they offer.

Every accredited practice has volunteered to undergo rigorous inspection by a qualified inspector every few years. Between inspections, practices may also be subject to spot checks.

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For further information see the Practice Standards section of the RCVS website.

The RCVS does not recommend practices but does suggest some facts to consider when choosing a vet:

  • How do other cat owners in your area feel about their vet?
  • Are their requirements the same as yours?
  • What are the practice consultation times and are they convenient to you?
  • What services and facilities does the practice offer? And what range of animal species are normally treated?
  • What are the costs for routine treatment? There may well be a variation in costs, depending on location, facilities offered and overheads.
  • Where is the practice located? Is it near any public transport links? Does it have a car park? Are there any branch practices which may be nearer to your home?
  • Is the practice accredited by the RCVS?