Are there any natural remedies for arthritis?


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Looking for a natural remedy for arthritis? Homeopathic vet Holly Mash offers some suggestions.

(Q) Are there any natural remedies you would recommend for stiff and painful joints? My gran's lovely old cat Sid (aged 20-plus) seems to be suffering quite a bit and is reluctant to go outside in cold weather. Are there any homoeopathic remedies you can suggest?

Holistic vet Holly Mash suggests: Your gran's cat is doing very well to reach the grand old age of 20! However, it's not surprising that he is suffering from some stiffness and pain in his joints after a lifetime of wear and tear.

I would recommend a homoeopathic remedy called Rhus Tox for Sid. This is a remedy that is especially useful for arthritis, which is worse in cold and damp weather. It is available from homoeopathic supply companies or from your high street natural health shop. The strength (potency) for Sid is 12c, used twice daily. It is available in either tablet or liquid formulation and does not have side effects.

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You could also consider acupuncture as a treatment option. This is a valuable form of treatment for older patients as it boosts their overall feeling of wellbeing, as well as helping their aching joints. Using either of these natural treatments alongside a healthy, balanced diet should help Sid continue to enjoy his twilight years in comfort.